Kate Bannon
San Francisco California
Degree in Sport & Recreation,
Dublin Ireland, Colaiste IDE College, 1996
First Aid Certified, CPR Certified

Kate grew up on a farm in Ireland; she is the 12th in a family of 16 and was raised on hard work and perseverance. From a young age, Kate as been actively involved in a wide variety of individual and team sports, which have helped to shape her passion as a Personal Trainer. In track and field both Kate and her sisters, represented Ireland in both the shot putt and javelin in Junior international competition and was a Junior National Champion in the heptathlon. In team sports, Kate played Camogie (one of Ireland’s national games, and is similar to both field hockey and lacrosse) from a young age representing both her club and county and claiming another National Title in underage competition.

Motivated by all that her athletic endeavors had given to her, Kate decided to make fitness and health not only part of her life, but to make it her career. She gained her degree in Sport and Recreation from Coliste Ide, Dublin. This degree included certification in volleyball, basketball, soccer, exercise and fitness development, weight training, aerobics, pool lifeguard, aquatics, anatomy and physiology, nutrition, sports massage, and leisure administration.

After graduating with a degree in Sport & Recreation from Colaiste IDE College in Dublin Ireland in 1996, Kate moved to the SF Bay Area in 1998. Kate has continued to play Camogie with SF Shamrocks, and has helped to lead them to four National Titles. She also plays Gaelic Football (the other national sport of Ireland, which includes many of the elements from basketball, soccer and rugby) for the San Francisco Fog City Harps team. With them has captured three National Championships is the current senior club captain. Kate has represented North America on All-Star teams in Gaelic Football and Camogie on four international trips, including captaining the 2005 North American Gaelic Football All-Stars. 


With 8 years of personal training experience under her belt, Kate launched Bannon Fitness & Wellness in 2004. Kate’s mission is to help her Clients make positive, permanent changes in their lives through fitness and wellness. Each fitness program is tailored to meet the Client’s individual needs. She likes to keep workouts varied and exciting thereby improving the client’s engagement and reducing boredom, which ensuring that they stick to the plan.

Kate believes that fitness is not just about looking great on the outside but also feeling great on the inside. Bannon Fitness & Wellness now promotes the Forever Living Products as part of this overall effort. The Forever Living Products are a perfect match for Bannon Fitness & Wellness; not only for the health benefits to her Clients but also to offer women the opportunity to build additional income for themselves while developing a healthier lifestyle.

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